What safety measures are being put in place while work crews complete track upgrades?

V/Line is rolling out a rail safety campaign to ensure the safe delivery and future operations of the Murray Basin rail network. We are keen to work with all stakeholders, including schools, community groups, sporting groups and councils to deliver this message.

There will be increased road and rail activity as a result of works on the railway between Ararat and Maryborough and on the Mildura line.

From now until the end of 2017 there will be more freight trains more often on the Sea Lake and Manangatang lines while work on the Mildura line is underway.

Work crews with heavy rail equipment are busy working on the Ararat to Maryborough line, as well as on the Mildura rail line. This has increased the number of trucks using local roads.  

It is important to be aware of this increased activity and be safe around our rail lines as workers compete this major upgrade.

Always obey the warning signs at level crossings and take care around trains.

To ensure your safety and the safety of others:

  • Comply with all directional signs and barriers
  • Be aware of heavy equipment operating on access roads near rail lines
  • Drive at a reduced speed when approaching any work activity.

Local jobs and supplier opportunities

Employment and supplier expressions of interest can be sent to opportunities@mcdmartinusjv.com

Engagement activities

Stage 3 and 4


The project team is preparing to engage on stages three and four of the project. Further details will be available on this website.

Supplier briefings


The project team conducted a series of supplier and opportunities briefings earlier this year to encourage local participation on the project.

Community sessions

Latest round completed

Recent information sessions along the Ararat to Maryborough line were well attended. The project team looks forward to continuing its conversations with the community as the project progresses.

Proposed closures

How many level crossings will be removed between Ararat and Maryborough?

There are currently 109 level crossings on the rail line between Ararat and Maryborough. These are made up of a mix of public roads, private crossings, pedestrian and illegal crossings.

Closure of public road crossings is subject to council procedures, which is being managed by the project team. Landowners with private crossings will be required to enter into safety interface agreements with V/Line.

How do you decide which crossings are removed and which crossings remain?

All level crossings in the corridor were assessed for potential closure against the following criteria:

  • Safety considerations
  • Availability of alternative access routes in close proximity
  • Traffic volume for each crossing
  • Requirements for agricultural movements, such as stock and machinery
Why do level crossings need to be removed?

Safety is V/Line’s number one priority and it is important that as the Ararat to Maryborough line is reopened, we take the opportunity to improve the safety of the line while also maintaining an efficient rail freight line.

All 109 crossings along the 87km stretch of track between Ararat and Maryborough were assessed for retention or closure in order to ensure the safe operation of the reopened line.