Current status

Freight trains have returned to the Mildura line and to the reopened Maryborough to Ararat line.
Works on these lines included:

• Major track works to enable the reopening of the 87km standard gauge line between Ararat and Maryborough.

• Regauging 384km of track from broad gauge to standard gauge between Dunolly and Yelta. Track upgrades included increasing the axle loading from 19 tonnes to 21 tonnes and installing 45,000 sleepers.

The project is also regauging 109km of track from broad to standard gauge between Ouyen and Murrayville, upgrading existing rail joints and installing 15,000 sleepers.

The McConnell Dowell Martinus Rail Joint Venture has been appointed to deliver the Murray Basin Rail Project.

Current works

While rail freight services have returned to the Mildura line and the Maryborough to Ararat line, you may still notice work crews and heavy machinery completing final track works and crossing upgrades.

The project team is also finalising track upgrade and gauge conversion works on the Ouyen to Murrayville line.

The Sea Lake and Manangatang lines remain open and are handling additional freight activity following the end of the 2018 grain harvest.